ALL THE LIGHT THAT REMAINS, (in development), minority co-producer with ILLUME (Finnland), short documentary, 2024

THE ELEPHENT STONE, (in production), minority co-producer with Acapluco Filmes (Brazil), feature film, 90, 2024

DEATH FOAM, (being finalized), co-production with Acapulco Filmes (Brazil), feature lenght documentary, 85', 2024

co-production with Hybrid Films, documentary series, em post production, 2024

TOPOGRAPHIES OF BODY AND LANDSCAPE, co-production, documentary, short film, 23', 2022
Sessions and Festivals: Lisbon Architecture Triennale @ Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado; CIADFF - Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival, Taiwan; Alvalade Cineclube

SEX ON WHEELS, co-production with Hibrid Pictures (Portugal), Interactive Documentary (Pilot), 2020

TE ENTIENDO, production, documentary, feature film, 60', 2018

Sessions and Festivals: preview at Cinemateca Nacional, present at the Visions du Réel market, Switzerland shown at Periferias - International Film Festival of Marvão and Valencia de Alcántara; was part of the Festival de Cine Español program, Tübingen, in Germany; was exhibited at the Etnovideográfica Festival in Zamora, Spain

OS ANTROPOLOJISTAS, co-production, interactive documentary (pilot), 2017
Sessions and Festivals: present at Madeira Film Festival, Interactive Digital Stories Track, 2018

ACÁCIA, documentary production, short film, 5’, 2015
Sessions and Festivals: Screening at AAG-Shorts and Periferias - International Film Festival of Marvão and Valencia de Alcántara

A MENINA DANÇA, documentary production, feature film, 84’, 2014
Sessions and Festivals: Portuguese commercial debut; Broadcast on TDM - Macau (China); Joined the Arte em Rede Educational Program in 2016; screened at Cineamazônia – Environmental Film Festival, Brasil; available on the VOD platform Videoclube Zero em Comportamento; screened at Pés no Chão - Campo Maior International Dance Festival, Portugal.

FOR THE CROWD’S JOY, documentary production, short film, 7’, 2013
Sessions and Festivals: Cineamazônia – Festival de Cinema Ambiental, 2015; AAG-Shorts 2018; Outskirts - Marvão and Valencia de Alcántara International Film Festival, 2020

OS FADOS E AS CANÇÕES DO ALVIM, documentary production, short film, 20’, 2011 Screening: Broadcast RTP

MOMENTS OF LIFE, documentary production, short film, 7’, 2011
Sessions and Festivals: Winner best short film at Arrábida Curtas e Docs

LISBOA A BRINCAR, documentary production, short film, 3’, 2011
Broadcast: Canal 180

SOBRE MACAU, documentary co-production, medium length, 38’, 2010
Session: World Premiere at the Fundação Oriente Museum